Snowmobiling, ATV’s & Boating


Munising has the best snowmobiling in Upper Michigan and the world.  The Munising Snowmobile Trail System offers you and your friends the greatest groomed trails, terrific Michigan hospitality, and plenty to see along the way. We have many great Upper Michigan attractions to visit during the winter.  Let the trails lead the way through the Munising area and beyond. Make sure to take time during your winter travels to view the gorgeous Pictured Rocks and our numerous waterfalls!

Alger County Trail System

snowmobiling munisingAlger County grooms over 300 miles of trails each year for riders to enjoy. These are located through the beautiful forests of the Central Upper Peninsula.

Munising Michigan and Alger County Snowfall
According to reports, Munising receives over 230 inches of snowfall each year!! When you need great lake effect snow – we got you covered!  Photo by Gina Harman / Velvet Green Creations.

Upper Michigan is ranked #6 by the Weather Channel for “The Top 10 Winter Family Getaways”

“If you’re from the Midwest, you know what winter really means. And you can take it. You may even love it. If your brood embraces even the heaviest snows of deepest winter, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a can’t-miss destination for your family. Yes, only the truly well-shod, hearty and adventurous need apply. But if zero crowds, mile after mile of near-virgin snow and family sound good to you, then look no further. The UP has everything you’re dreaming of.” »Read full story by clicking here.

Please visit the Munising Snow website for more snowmobiling details.  The Munising Snow site has the following vital winter information on it:

  • Trail Map
  • Lodging Listings
  • Riding Rules
  • Winter Happenings!

We invite you to visit the “Snowmobile Capital of the World” and see why Munising Michigan has the reputation for snow & hospitality!

Munising_ATV_ORVMunising Michigan ATV / ORV

Combine nature, an ATV and good friends and you have the ingredients of great outdoor fun.

Visiting the Hiawatha National Forest is not just about the slow walks, it can be wrapped up in a riding adventure that includes beauty of the flora and fauna on the ATV. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ are just a few of the sounds that surround you as you venture through the trail system on an ATV.

Many of the trails were originally old train paths that were used during the Upper Peninsula’s iron ore and lumbering booms of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Haywire grade is one of those trails; the tracks have been removed but an onlooker will find old railroad spikes from days gone by. Keep looking and you may find remnants from the old iron smelting which looks like charcoal but are harder and sometimes full of colors. Let the Hiawatha National Forest surround you in an amazing adventure.

Munising_BoatingMunising Boating

Imagine being surrounded by some of the most scenic wonders in America as you take a boating excursion throughout Munising Bay.  Embark on a journey throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, the Grand Island National Recreation Area and experience the beauty of Lake Superior. The views are breathtaking and the Munising fishing experience is remarkable. Vistors will find an amazing array of rentals facilities here on the bay. There are many who also enjoy the quieter side of boating, such as kayaking and canoeing.

Munising – Bayshore Marina
Marina: 46° 24′ 52″ N
86° 39′ 06″ W

10 Transient Slips and 9 Seasonal Slips
Phone: (906) 387-3445 or (906) 387-2095

Discover Munising and “Get Ready to Ride”!  
The Munising area has adventure around every corner.  Working with nature, our community has promoted our very unique location and natural attractions.  Here you will find multiple tour companies, outfitters, ATV ORV rentals, snowmobile rentals, and fishing charters just to name a few.  Munising wants your Upper Michigan experience to be the best, so let us help you make your vacation dreams come true.