Hiking & Biking!


There is so much to see and do in the Munising Michigan area. Visitors love to explore the trails that lead throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to view the many great points of interest. The area is filled with incredible scenery, wildlife and birds to view. Also consider the exploration of Grand Island – Munising’s best kept secret. Choose one of our many trails that lead to memories and great sights to see throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Mountain Biking in the Hiawatha National Forest

With plenty of biking trails throughout the county, Munising has a great adventure in store for you.

Bruno’s Run Hiking/Mountain Biking Trail is considered by many to be the area’s premier mountain biking experience, with a 10 mile looped trail offering outstanding scenery including small lakes and streams along the trail, with a variety of trees and other plants. It is located down Forest Highway 13 (~10 miles south of M28 from Wetmore) with trailheads at Moccasin Lake Rest Area, Pete’s Lake Day Use Area and Widewaters Campground.

Valley Spur Recreation Area (VSRA) offers a newly constructed singletrack trail that is approximately 11.5 miles in length to date. Construction is planned to continue through the season to complete an approximately 13 mile loop. The trail begins from the parking lot (to the right of the lodge at the top of trail B) and is fun, flowy and family friendly. Additionally, there are 26 miles of two track trail within VSRA. Four separate loops have been marked, ranging easy to difficult. Shorter routes can be created by combining sections from the singletrack and two track trails to create small loops.

Grand Island features 40 miles of roads and trails that take you along cliff tops and past secluded beaches and historic sites. Spend a few hours or the whole day on one of the most beautiful islands on Lake Superior.

For more information on the trails listed above, including detailed trail maps, contact the Munising Ranger District Center, 400 E. Munising Ave. or call 906-387-3700.

Munising Mountain Bike Park Non-Motorized Trails (hiking & biking) offers a 1.4 mile ADA trail “Gateway Loop” which provides access to the newly constructed bike park/singletrack trail located atop the hill directly behind the Hillside Party Store. The Bike Park consists of a 1500 ft. beginner/intermediate level jump trail “Superior Air”, featuring 21 rollers and 12 table top jumps, 1000 ft. skills loop “Da Play Zone”, which offers 500 feet of wooden-decked bridges, a teeter totter, log rides, and a variety of rock/wood obstacles (beginners to advanced) with a ride around option at each feature, and a 1000 ft. rock armored trail “Rock On” for the more advanced rider -rated black diamond – with gap jumps and steep wooden roll downs. The 1.4 mile outer singletrack trail “Munising Bay Loop” encompasses the bike park and offers amazing views of Munising Bay and the west channel. The Gateway Loop and Munising Bay Loop are multi-use non-motorized trails and are open for use to both hikers and bikers.For more information on trail conditions, visit mbtn.org.

of One Mile or Less….


Come discover our wonderful waterfalls and hiking trails that provide opportunities for tranquility, relaxation, education and fun. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offers 100 miles of trails within its 73,000 acres along 42 miles of Lake Superior’s shore.

Lace up your hiking shoes, grab a snack, water, map and compass, and head down the trail to adventure. (Note: Trail mileages listed below are round trip unless specified otherwise).  For more information, visit the National Park Service website

 Sand Point Marsh Trail

This 1/2 mile fully-accessible trail begins across from the Sand Point Beach at the end of Sand Point Road. A short distance up the North Country Trail, the Marsh Trail boardwalk leads you to this interesting wetland area. Interpretive exhibits relate the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area. Old beach ridges, an active beaver colony, white cedar and black spruce swamp communities dominate the scene. The best times for this talk are early and later in the day.

Munising Fall Trail

Munising FallsThis is one of the easiest Alger County waterfalls to visit. The large space in which the waterfalls is found is very interesting with its rock formation.

Walk the paved 1/4 mile trail to the cool, shaded sandstone canyon along Munising Creek to the falls. Two sets of stairs lead to elevated platforms enabling views of the 50-foot waterfall which drops over a sandstone cliff. Watch for ferns, wildflowers and an occasional mink. The trail is fully accessible to the central falls viewing platform. Winter guests find great ice formations here. Please stay on the paved trail. Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail. Follow H-58 out of town to the Washington Street Junction. Falls is located across from the hospital.

 White Pine Interpretive Trail

This easy .7-mile loop includes a stand of a stand of 250- to 300-year old White Pines. Take 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy this walk on a warm summer day when the cool, moist, microclimates of the north woods can be appreciated to their fullest. A brochure is available at the trailhead. Trail begins at Little Beaver Lake Campground.

Log Slide.jpgLog Slide Trail

The .4-mile fully accessible trail leads through nature hardwoods to an old log landing at the former site of the log slide. Interpretive exhibits relate the logging and dune building history of the area. An elevated platform provides views of the Grand Sable Dunes and Au Sable Point in the distance.

Sable Falls Trail

Sable Falls tumbles 75 feet over several sandstone formatoins on its way to Lake Superior. The first viewing platform to the falls is down a staircase and provides a view of the Sable Falls. The 1/2-mile trail continues past the falls down the canyon above creek level to a rocky beach on Lake Superior. Pets are NOT permitted on this trail. Located one mile west of Grand Marais off H-58.

Longer Hikes…

Chapel Basin Area
Several hikes are available in this area, depending on what trails you take and how long you wish to walk.

Chapel Falls: The Chapel Rock Formation is situated within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. To visit, travel 15 miles east of Munising, on Alger County Road H58, then an additional 5 miles heading north to the end of the Chapel Road Drive. There is a 2 1/2 mile hike to Lake Superior where the famous tree and rock formation is found. This is an incredibly beautiful and unique place to visit. This is really a treat to be viewed by a boat tour.

Mosquito Falls: Following the Lake Superior shoreline westward, eventually the trail will begin to descend towards the Mosquito River. The Mosquito Falls Trail connects with this trail and after about 1 1/2 miles you will reach the falls. Mosquito Falls is a short waterfall with two drops: lower is 10 1/2 ft in height and the upper drop is 5 ft in height. Mosquito Falls is located in the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore and is found approximately 1 1/2 miles from the Chapel parking area. There you will find a sign guiding you through the Mosquito Beach trail. Although this is a small waterfall, guests will enjoy the lovely hike and the beautiful photos that can be taken throughout the trail.

The total round trip distance of the Chapel Basin Area hike is just short of 10 miles. Consult as park map before you hike in this area as there are several hiking options. Pets are NOT permitted on this trail.

Miners Falls – This wonderful 40 ft waterfall is located North East of Munising. Its water source is Miners River. There is a 1 1/4-mile self guided interpretive trail that ends at Miners Falls with views of Miners Basin along the way. There are 77 steps leading down to the viewing platform at the falls where the Miners River cascades some 50 feet over the sandstone outcrop. Please stay on the paved trails. Pets are NOT permitted on this trail. You will take H58 to the Pictured Rocks Trail, then follow the signs. Take H-58 to Miners Castle Road, then follow the signs. There is a 20 minute walk to the falls from the parking area.

Beaver Lake Loop: Several hikes can be made in the Beaver Lake area. From the campground, a circle hike east around Beaver Lake and back along Beaver Creek is 3 1/2 miles. From the campground out to Lake Superior and back is 1 1/2 miles. This is a beautiful area with potential for wildlife sightings in the water.

White Birch Trail is a 2-mile self-guided interpretive trail that explores the natural history of the uploads adjacent to the lake – an environment very different from that near the campground. Trail begins at the east end of Twelvemile Beach Campground.

Hurricane River Campground to the Au Sable Light Station: This level 3-mile walk takes you back in time to an isolated Lake Superior lighthouse. Exposed shipwreck remains dot the shoreline, and the quiet light station gives you a feeling of yesteryear where families lives and worked from 1874 to 1958. Guided tours of the lighthouse are provided daily in summer and a brochure is also available.

Beach Forest Trail: This 2-mile trail offers a stoll through a beech-maple forest and along the edge of old farm fields. Remnants of an old cedar shake camp lie near the trail. The trail lies between the Sable Falls parking and the Grand Sable Visitor Center.

Eben Ice Caves: The ice caves from each winter as water seeps through the walls of the Rock River Gorge. Although not “true” caves, they are made up of veritcal walls of ice formed by the seeping water, making this a great place to explore. They are difference each year and fund for the entire family.

The Eben Ice Caves are located west of Munising in the Rock River Canyon Wilderness which is part of the Hiawatha National Forest, north of Eben Junction. It is situated 25 miles east of Marquette, 15 miles west of Munising. To get here by car, take M-94 west about 17 miles (or by snowmobile, take Trail 419 east of Munising to Trail 8 and go west of Eben Junction. There you will see New Moon Bar. Make a right hand turn and travel north approx. 1 1/2 miles to make a right hand turn onto Frey Road. At the curve, park and begin walking east across the big field. The trail is easy to follow in the winter and it about one mile. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.