So much to see and do in the Munising Area.


Visitors love to explore the trails that lead throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to view the many great points of interest. The area is filled with incredible scenery, wildlife and birds to view.  Also consider the exploration of Grand Island – Munising’s best kept secret  Choose one of our many trails that lead to memories and great sights to see throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Cross Country Skiing

A great place to enjoy winter silent sports is Valley Spur.  It is a great Alger County destination.  Many cross country skiers visit here throughout the winter season.  Valley Spur is located just 5 miles from Munising, MI in the beautiful and scenic Hiawatha National Forest.  Take M-94 heading south west of Munising to 8017 ST Highway M-94.

Valley Spur features a 27 mile cross country ski trail system.  This is groomed on a daily basis and as needed.  Trails are prepared for the Dec, Jan, Feb, & March months and are ready to explore by classic ski and skate.  Their down hill trails situated so that skiers have a good clear sight of other ski enthusiasts – making this a safe and enjoyable adventure for all ages.  With the deep snow base that Valley Spur encounters during the winter months, it ensures a really unique skiing experience.For more information:

Alger County Snow Shoeing

Valley Spur offers guests a great snowshoe trail called the “Snowman” rated: moderate difficulty.  It is 1.8 miles of gorgeous terrain that loops making this course fun for all.  This is also the snowshoe course for the annual “Snowman Triathlon”. Because the course can be challenging, wearing crampon style snowshoes is best (this is the type with teeth on the bottom).  Enthusiasts who choose to where the traditional style of wooden snowshoes may encounter some real struggles on some of the more steep hills throughout the loop.

We encourage you to get outdoors and ski or snow shoe Valley Spur during the winter time.  It is a great place for you and your family to enjoy the snow and the tranquil terrain of Alger County.

“Take a quiet stroll through the woods and enjoy the beauty that Valley Spur has to offer.”  For more information:

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is “on the rise” so to speak.  It is becoming one of the newest and most popular sports here in the Munising area.  Our multitude of great waterfalls and porous sandstone cliffs in which the water seeps through make this sport possible.

Towards the end of December the ice has formed along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Grand Island and our various waterfalls.  Miner’s Falls is a 40′ high column of ice.  You will need to plan according and snow shoe or ski into the location (3 miles).

Our annual Michigan Ice Fest is held towards the end of Jan and the beginning of Feb.  Please check our calendar for exact dates.

For more information on Michigan Ice Fest:

Munising Biking

With plenty of biking trails throughout the county, Munising has a great adventure in store for you.

Many of our events are eco friendly and involve soft adventure such as the Anna River Pedalers event pictured to the right.  The goal of the group is to promote interest, education, and involvement in bicycling and other silent sports. Every year since 2004, the group has held the “Tour Da Woods Race” in September.

Make sure to check out our Calendar of Events to stay on top of the great activities that occur in our area.  Biking, running, kayaking, and motorcycle events are just a few of the great events held annually.

Links of Interest:
Mountin Bike Trails

Seasonal Overview:
Spring and summer activities include boat tours, camping, Pictured Rocks Kayaking & Canoeing, mountain biking, backpacking, underwater diving, swimming, mushrooming, Upper Michigan ATV ORV, golf, boating, sandy beaches, and inland lake activities.

In the fall you can enjoy the spectacular view while Michigan’s forests turn colors. Millions of bright red, orange, and yellow leaves will take your breath away. Also enjoy fishing, hunting and boat tours during this season.

In the winter enjoy snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, and skiing. We invite you to join us in the middle of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for a fun, friendly, good time.