Brownstone Inn

Brownstone info could be updated. They are walk-in only and do not take reservations. Please direct people to or the Brownstone Inn facebook page for hours.

“The Brownstone Inn can be found nestled along the winding M-28 highway just outside of picturesque Au Train, Michigan. Located across from Lake Superior, the restaurant is known for its rustic charm and unique American cuisine.
Here you will find dishes you likely won’t see anywhere else, including a one-pound pretzel, elk meatloaf and whitefish chowder made from whitefish caught right here in Munising Bay. The Brownstone Inn is proud to feature ingredients sourced in the Upper Peninsula, including locally caught wild whitefish, grass-fed and hormone-free American bison, U.P. mushrooms, and more!”

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While its rural location is part of the charm, cell service can be an issue for some arriving in the Upper Peninsula. Fortunately, we have a range of maps and guides to help you along the way.

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