Spring Is For Waterfalls in Munising

Spring is a refreshing season. Nature’s thaw encourages a revitalized exploration with fresh itineraries. The landscapes emerge out of hibernation, and we follow suit to admire its renewed splendor. Of course, spring showers are the impetus for the verdant rejuvenation. The air begins to hold more moisture and escapes in the form of rain as temperatures transition cold to warm, refreshing our environment. Springtime’s hydration can also be a spectacle as once-frozen waterfalls begin to flow again with might as the rainy season unfolds.

Waterfalls bountifully dapple the Munising area, with 17 in the immediate vicinity. They present a powerful display in the spring season as the snow melt pairs with the rain to create a roaring deluge. Varying in size, the majestic waterfalls of the surrounding area create sightseeing and adventurous opportunities to take full advantage of the season in the Upper Peninsula. Pair the waterfalls with the 12 miles of beaches, seemingly endless mountain biking trails, and 42 miles of shoreline, Munising’s composition of natural beauty is a must-add experience for your spring itinerary. Whether you want to bike, hike, kayak or simply drive to witness these cascading wonders, they’re a splashing marvel to encounter. Below are five to spring on over to this season.

Spray Falls

You can behold this 70-foot plunge into Lake Superior best from the water. Its remote location along the gorgeous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore encourages an expedition by kayak or canoe — although come summer, boat tours are available. Those who prefer dry land can dispatch from the Chapel trailhead on North Country Scenic Trail for a 9.6-mile round trip hike to a limited viewing area of the falls.

Wagner Falls

This incredibly scenic waterfall doesn’t require too much energy to gaze upon as it’s nestled close to the M-94 and M-28 junction. Simply park your car and amble along a well-maintained quarter-mile trail to an observation deck for admiration. Tranquility flows easily here as the falls cascade 20 feet into a shallow gorge along the Anna River. Those traveling with young kids should prioritize this easily accessible waterfall.

Chapel Falls

Lace up your hiking boots for Chapel Falls. A little more than two miles round-trip along Chapel Trail winds you through an upland maple forest with several small hills to the 60-foot-high falls. Two observation platforms provide stunning views of the torrent upon the Chapel Basin. Those really feeling a spring in their step can continue the trail for nearly another two miles to Chapel Rock and Lake Superior.

Laughing Whitefish

A moderate half-mile trail through a beech-maple forest spills you out to one of the Upper Peninsula’s tallest waterfalls: Laughing Whitefish. Classified as a slide waterfall, it features a 100-foot drop. It’s a quintessential waterfall to see in the springtime (or following a heavy rainfall) as the water really surges during this period.

Miners Falls

A mile round-trip excursion is all it requires to soak in the most powerful waterfall within National Pictured Rocks Lakeshore. The gushing Miners River drops around 50 feet over sandstone to create this magnificent flow. Even the gently rolling gravel and dirt path to Miners Falls offers beautiful sights along the way in the spring as a profusion of wildflowers encompass the trail.

Many of us rush back outdoors come springtime to relish the weather that doesn’t require layer after layer to wear. In the Munising area you don’t have to wait for spring showers to come to you, you can go to the springs showers — offered in the form of vigorously streaming waterfalls. Spring is for waterfalls in Munising. And with abundant outdoor recreation opportunities to pair with your cascading tour, it’s the perfect place to refresh yourself among nature.







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