2023 Is Warming Up. Plot Your Summertime Family Adventure in Munising Now

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months mostly cooped up, observing the kids inundate themselves with screens playing video games or creating new dances for TikTok. We’re getting deeper into 2023 and as the weather improves the excuses to not be outside wane. It’s time to reacquaint the family with the great outdoors — and the outdoors in Munising are so great, you should plot your travel now, so your family maximizes the adventurous opportunity our area offers come summertime.

The Munising area provides the quintessential environment for families to ditch the screens (except for snapping photos of all the natural beauty for the Gram, of course). Abundant activities underscore Munising’s recreational palette that families of all ages and abilities can tap into. A spectrum of outdoor amusement awaits so below we’re highlighting a few must-add family-friendly activities to help develop your itinerary.

Kayaking Lake Superior 

The third largest freshwater lake in the world is an attraction in itself. A serene paddling is perhaps the best way to experience the voluminous Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Numerous tours take you along miles of sandstone cliffs that shoot upwards of 200 feet from the water and long stretches of white sand beaches. Tours guarantee an excursion led by a guided expert, knowledgeable not only in the most awe-inspiring spots but also Lake Superior’s capricious conditions. Tours accommodate any kayaker, whether a seasoned expert or beginner. Booking now reserves your summertime spot!

Popular tour hosts in the area include:

  • Paddling Michigan
  • Northern Waters
  • Pictured Rocks Kayaking
  • Northwoods Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Boat Cruises Both Relaxing and Exhilarating

Enjoying Lake Superior doesn’t always require a paddle. Pictured Rocks boat cruises are also available. From the comfort of the tour boat, witness breath-taking views of cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, and waterfalls.

Boat tours in the area allow you to admire beyond the natural beauty present above the surface. Many shipwrecks lurk below Lake Superior’s clear waters along the Alger Underwater Preserve. History comes alive as you view through a glass bottom boat the mighty ships claimed by the water before the turn of the century.

Families that like to let it rip on the water can experience the majesty of Lake Superior and Pictured Rocks while hanging on to their hat. Riptide Ride provides tours on a jet-propelled, 700-horsepower vessel. Explore 25 miles of the shore as you zip and spin. It’s a sensational ride that excitably pairs with the striking scenery.

Log Slide Overlook  

The Munising area boasts copious overlooks worthy of a stop for appreciation. If you only have time to visit one, Log Slide Overlook deserves your attention. Located about seven miles west of Grand Marais, loggers formerly used this must-see spot to move logs from the top of the dunes down to Lake Superior, where they would load them onto boats for transportation. It’s about a half-mile trek from the parking area to the overlook, making it easily accessible for families with young ones. The overlook offers memorable views of Au Sable Lighthouse and Grand Sable Dunes. Daring ones (like those of you who opt for the Riptide Ride boat tour) can follow the sandy 500-foot descension down the dunes. It’s recommended to be in good physical shape as going down can take a matter of seconds, but the steep jaunt back upward can take awhile.

Have A Beach Day

One of the top five summer beaches in America according to The Weather Channel resides in the Munising area. That’s right, maybe beaches aren’t the first thing that come to mind when thinking about an Upper Peninsula adventure, but plentiful pristine beaches are right here in the area. The aforementioned acclaimed beach, Sand Point Beach, attains much tourist attention. Located at the end of Sand Point Road four miles northeast of Munising, it’s the perfect spot for a relaxing beach day — and be sure to stick around to watch the sunset here.

Other designated beaches to prop that beach umbrella up and build some sandcastles at include Chapel Beach, AuTrain Beach, Twelvemile Beach, and Miner’s Beach. If you really want to avoid crowds, in the Munising area people can simply pull off the road along the shore and enjoy their own private beach. There’s nothing like a dip in Lake Superior after a day filled with outdoor exploration.


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