East Channel Lighthouse

Our area offers a great selection of interesting, beautiful and historical lighthouses for viewing and photographing.

Grand Marais Light StationGrand Marais Light Station

The Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Inner Lighthouse was established in 1898. This is a square tower with lantern and is painted white. It stands 55 ft in height and is currectly active. The keepers dwelling is now a museum and operated by the Grand Marais Historical Society. It is open to the public from June to September. To visit this light, please take CR 702 into dowtown Grand Marais, proceed northeast aprox. 1/2 mile. The light can be seen to your right of the road before it ends at the old Grand Marais Lifesaving Station.



 Au Sable Point LighthouseAu Sable Point Lighthouse

Established in 1874, this lighthouse is 86 feet high and delivers a strong beacon out over Lake Superior an amazing 18 miles out. Au Sable Light Station is located 12 miles west of Grand Marais, MI where you then walk from the Hurrican River Campground 1.5 miles east. Walk the hiking trail to the east beginning at the picnic area near the Hurricane River mouth. The trail is on the historic U.S. Coast Guard road to the light station. There is lighthouse tours in the summertime beginning mid June through Labor Day. Tours are scheduled from Wed to Sunday.


Munising Front Range LightMunising Front Range Light

Established in 1908 along with the rear light, this activ light also has a continuous red light. It is constructed of steel and stand 58 ft in height. The entire lighthouse is painted white. There is also a 1 1/2 story brick building used by the park service. Located on M28 at Hemlock street in Munising, MI. The site is open, but the tower is closed to the public. Restoration for this lighthouse are in the works.







Grand Island Harbor Range RearGrand Island Harbor Range Rear

Established in 1868, the Grand Island Harbor Range Rear “Christmas Light” is an active lighthouse. The upper portion is white and the lower portion is painted black. This light function with the Bay Furnace Light. Colorful holiday lights are lit up up along the guy wires (used to steady the structure) during the Christmas season. This lighthouse is located on the east side of Christmas, MI. It is 50 yards off of M28 (on the land side).









Grand Island North LightGrand Island North Light

Established in1867, the Grand Island North Light (also known as the Old North Light) is located on the north end of Grand Island. This is a two story building made of brick. The Grand Island North Light stands upon a 175 ft cliff. To view this ligthouse you must take a bout tour. It is currently privately owned and was beautifully restored by the current owners. The tower is white with a black lantern. The summer residence is a pale yellow. The property and ligthouse are closed to the public.




East Channel LighthouseEast Channel Lighthouse

Established in 1868, the East Channel Lighthouse was deactived in 1908. This lighhouse is located on the southeast shore of Grand Island and was recently restored for historical purposes. No longer in service, the Munising Range Lights now navigate the ships through the channel. The easiest way to view this ligthouse is to utilize one of our area boat tours. The East Channel Lighhouse is known to be one of Michigan’s most recognizable landmarks. It is primarily constucted of brick and wood. In the year of 2000, volunteers numbering 85 in total, worked diligently for 30 days to restor this beautiful structure. This is a privately owned structure and the dwelling, tower and grounds are closed to the public.


Grand Island Harbor Range FrontGrand Island Harbor Range Front

Established in 1868, this light known as the Grand Island Harbor Range Front / “Bay Furnace” is also still active and works along with the Grand Island Harbor Range Rear. Visible from both the beach and M28, it is just north of the “Christmas Light” on the lake side. There is a hiking trail that leads to this light for easy viewing.Grand Island North LighthouseThe Grand Island North Lighthouse was established in 1856. It became inactive in 1961. The tower is white, the lanter black and the attached residence is yellow. It was renovated and is currectly a summer private residence. This lighthouse is only viewable by boat and is closed to the public.



Munising Rear Range LightMunising Rear Range Light

Established in 1908, the Munising Range Light rear was placed to work in combination with the Munising Front Range Light. The rear light was placed on the hillside at the south end of Hemlock Street in Munising. This light shines a continuous red light. The lighthouse is painted white and stands 33 feet in height. To visit this lighthouse, take M28 into Munising and head towards the west side of town (2 blocks from downtown). The site is open to the public, but the tower is closed.






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