Munising MI Waterfalls, Upper Michigan Waterfalls

Munising MI Waterfalls
Munising, Michigan invites you to come and discover our waterfalls.  Plan a vacation that is tranquil, relaxing, educational, and fun.  Come and explore our incredible Upper Michigan Waterfalls.

These majestic waterfalls range from unnamed small waterfalls on Grand Island to large cascading flows falling from cliff faces along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They are located in almost every direction of Munising Michigan.  These are heavenly places that are tranquil, unique, and all natural.  Let us help you
"Find Your Adventure!"

Munising Waterfalls - Photo Mosquito Falls by Craig Blacklock Photo of Mosquito Falls by Craig Blacklock from the
"Pictured Rocks Land and Sea" book.


Munising Michigan and Alger County - Spectacular waterfalls abound through streams, rivers, and throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore area.

Many of the Alger County Waterfalls are accessible year-round and are especially beautiful during the winter months. Come and explore the beauty of the Munising area in the winter & snowmobile to the numerous waterfalls and see just how incredible they are.

Our Seventeen Alger County Waterfalls
Alger Falls, Au Train Falls, Bridal Falls, Chapel Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Memorial Falls, Miner Falls, Laughing Whitefish, Munising Falls, Rock River Falls, Miners Beach Falls, Scott Falls, Spray Falls, Sable Falls, Wagner Falls, Whitefish Falls, and Tannery Falls can all be found in the Alger County area.

Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does Nature, because in her inventions, nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous."—Leonardo DaVinci

Munising Interactive Map
Visit our Munising Interactive Map to see all the featured Munising, MI Waterfalls seen below along with their locations. The Waterfall Icon to the left will guide you to the many great places to visit in and around Munising Michigan.

Miners Falls

This wonderful 40 ft waterfall is located North East of Munising, MI. The Miner's falls is located within the amazing Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore. Its water source is Miners River. You will take H58 to the Pictured Rocks Trail, then follow the signs. You will be guided to take H13 towards Miners Castle. A road then brings tourists to the parking area. There is a 20 minute walk to the falls from the parking area. It is very beautiful. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Munising Falls

The Munising Falls is located in Munising. This is one of the easiest Alger County waterfalls to visit. The large space in which the waterfalls is found is very interesting with its rock formation. Follow M28 through town till the Sand Point Road Junction directly in town. You will head north. It will be on your right, please watch for signs. There is a short walk to the falls from the parking area. Winter guests will find great ice formation here and visitors will be delighted. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Alger Falls

Alger Falls greets guests to the area when entering through the East Side of M 28 just before the Munising City limits. The Alger Falls is a wonderful waterfall that cascades many small levels before reaching the bottom. Depending on the time of year, best photos for summertime are taken later in the day. This beautiful Munising, MI waterfall is located alongside of M28 across from M94 junction. The falls can be found at the base of this hill that you will find just before entering Munising. You must be careful, there is usually a lot of traffic here. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Wagner Falls

The Wagner Falls is a beautiful and easily accessible waterfall with a height of 20 feet. The watersouce for the falls is Wagner Creek. This waterfall is stunning for those who enjoy photographing waterfalls, or for those who would like to find a peaceful spot to enjoy. The walk to the falls is very enjoyable also. Located South of Munising on 94 - just past the junction of 94 and M28 (very close to Alger Falls). You will see it on the East side of road and there is a small walk back to the falls. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Scott Falls

Scott Falls is a waterfall located along highway M-28 in Alger County, Michigan near the town of Au Train. The falls drops about 10 feet over a sandstone cliff into a small pool. The falls can be seen from the highway; they are across the road from the H.J. Rathfoot State Roadside Park. This gentle waterfall is located East of Au Train and West of Christmas. Watch for the sign, park and view. Super easy access and a fun little waterfall to see and photograph. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Mosquito Falls

Mosquito Falls is a short waterfall with two drops: lower is 10 1/2 ft in height and the upper drop is 5 ft in height. Mosquito Falls is located in the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore and is found aproximately 1 1/2 miles from the Chapel parking area. There you will find a sign guiding you through the Mosquito Beach trail. Although this is a small waterfall, guests will enjoy the lovely hike and the beautiful photos that can be taken throughout the trail. Photo by Bill Jorns of BJ Enterprises.

Chapel Falls

The Chapel Rock Formation is situated within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. To visit, please travel 15 miles east of Munising, MI on Alger County Road H58, then an additional 5 miles heading north to the end of the Chapel Road Drive. There is a 2 1/2 mile hike to Lake Superior where the famous tree and rock formation is found. This is an incredibly beautiful and unique place to visit. This is really a treat to be viewed by a boat tour.

Spray Falls

Spray Falls is a gorgeous waterfall found along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This impressive waterfall is 70 feet in height. This waterfall is very remote and cannot be viewed from the base area. This is viewable from the trails along the cliffs, but these can be very dangerous, please use caution. The Spray Falls are located 1.75 miles North East of Chapel Rock on the Pictured Rocks Lake Superior Shoreline - again, best viewed from tour boat, kayak, canoe, or pontoon. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is located in the Southeast portion of Munising Michigan. It is a privately run tourist attraction with a small admission fee for visitors. It features a beautiful walk path with gentle stream. The property also has a pond filled with fish - visitors can enjoy feeding them and getting a close-up view of these large fish. Location: Traveling from M-28 at the south edge of Munising, turn east onto Prospect Street, then left onto Bell. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Sable Falls

The Sable site is located just 1 mile west of Grand Marais, MI. This beautiful waterfall is also in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and empties into Lake Superior. Its watersource is Sable Creek. Take 77 North through Grand Marais and follow the signs. Once you have reached the parking area, there is a 1/2 mile walk to the falls. There are stairs at the falls to bring you along the side as it cascades through towards Lake Superior. When it meets up with Superior (at the end of the trail), you can also enjoy the incredible Grand Sable Dunes throughout the area. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Bridal Veil Falls

The Bridal Veil Falls is located within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Its impressive height climbs to an amazing 140 ft. The creek from which it derives its source of water from is unnamed. Hikers can view this waterfall from shore, but this magnificent waterfall is easily viewed from the comfort of a Munising Tour Boat. It is located aproximately 1.5 miles of Miner's Beach. This is Michigan's tallest waterfall. Bridalveil Falls is often featured on postcards and publications about Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Memorial Falls

The Memorial Falls is located on H-58. These waterfalls are 40 feet in height. The falls flow into a gorge. Best viewed after plenty of rainfall. Just head East on Munising Ave, turn right on Nestor and follow the signs. This waterfall is located near the Tannery Waterfalls. Opened to the public and owned by the Michigan Nature Association. Photo by Gina Harman of Velvet Green Creations.

Tannery Falls

The Tannery Falls is a 40 foot waterfall found in Munising, MI. It is located on H-58. Just head East on H-58 / Munising Ave, aprox 1.25 miles and follow the signs. This site is also known as Rudy M. Olson Memorial. This is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Alger County - not highly publicized. This waterfall is located near the Memorial Falls. Photo by Bill Jorns of BJ Enterprises.

Miners Beach Falls

Miner's Beach Falls is found in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It is located at the eastern end of Miner's Beach. It is aproximately 7 feet in height. This waterfall flows directly into Lake Superior and is best viewed by hiking or by boat.