Eben Ice Caves, Hiawatha National Forest, Grand Island, Seney Refuge
Munising Michigan's Unique Treasures
There is a multitude of unique treasures throughout the Munising, MI area. We are an outdoor enthusiast's paradise.   These selected places to visit are special in many ways.  They offer so many outdoor activities for the entire family.  Photo by Gina Harman: sandhill crane at the Seney Wildlife Refuge

Please make sure to spend some extra time on your Upper Michigan vacation and check out these incredible places:

Rock River Canyon - Eben Ice Caves
The Hiawatha National Forest
Grand Island National Recreational Area
The Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Upper Michigan Attractions: Seney Wildlife Refuge, Rock River Canyon - Eben Ice Caves, Hiawatha National Forest

Rock River Canyon - Eben Ice Caves
The Ice Caves form each winter as water seeps though the walls of the Rock River Gorge.  Although not "true" caves, they are made up of vertical walls of ice formed the seeping water, making this a great place to explore.  These are different each year and fun for the entire family.  The Eben Ice Caves are located West of Munising in the Rock River Canyon Wilderness which is part of the Hiawatha National Forest North of Eben Junction.  It is situated 25 miles E of Marquette, 15 miles W of Munising.  The wilderness is bounded on the east and north by FR-2279, 2276 and 2293. The south and east sides follow section lines.
Hiawatha Forest, Hiawatha National Forest
The Hiawatha National Forest
The Hiawatha National Forest is comprised of two main districts in the Munising area.  Big Island Lake Wilderness lies about 1/2 mile NW of the community of Stueben - 22 miles NW of the city of Manistique and about 18 miles southeast of the city of Munising.

"It's a maturing forest of nearly a million acres that was created in 1931 from abandoned farms, razed logging tracts and lands devastated by forest fires. The "land that nobody wanted", is now a working forest that provides timber products to support local communities and is a refuge for rare plants and animals."  Read more at:  www.fs.usda.gov/detail/hiawatha/recreation/?cid=fsem_033576
Grand Island, Michigan Grand Island National Recreational Area
The Grand Island National Recreational Area is located just a 1/2 mile from Munising and is situated in the pristine waters of Lake Superior. It is part of the Hiawatha National Forest and offers a great educational and fun opportunity for all! Hiking, biking, fishing, and exploring are all favorite past-times of visitors and residents alike. The island has a history that dates back over 3,000 years. It has a very old cemetary that is part of the Bus Tour stop. Another interesting place of interest is Echo Lake. This is the largest social lake in the United State of America! A Social Lake is made purely by animals that are social. This one in particular was made by a group of beavers and has been around for many years.
Seney Wildlife Refuge and Munising Michigan Wildlife Seney National Wildlife Refuge
Experience one of the most pristine havens in Michigan - Seney National Wildlife Refuge! The Seney National Wildlife Refuge is one of the Upper Peninsula's major tourist attractions with over 88,000 visitors to the refuge annually. Animals abound and thrive within the 95,212 acres of wilderness, swamps, islands, and lakes. Beautiful Trumpeter Swans, osprey, deer, loons, moose, deer, turtles, geese, fish, eagles, and more will welcome your visit! The Seney National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 95,212 acres of wildreness, swamps, islands, and lakes.

Discover Munising and "Find Your Adventure"! 
We are centerally located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  We offer plenty of attractions, endless year-round activities, great lodging, and picture perfect scenery.

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